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Seamlessly navigate through your data

Explore through plethora of data ​

Manipulate, retrieve your data and enrich them with your partners, customers or the open bases on the web.

Askelys enables you to discover the necessary information in your data

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No technical expertise

Easy to use whatever your profession or background

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If the solution exists,
you will find it

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Dynamically navigate through
a multitude of data

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Compatible with your systems

Non-meddling solution requiring a redesign of your system

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Dynamically Query different databases​

Our generic interface is designed to adapt to all databases. With our technology you can explore your databases for sure!

Build your queries as you go along​

Simplicity in usage with short learning curve, accessible to all types of users

Dicover DataNavigator

Our powerful multi bases data mining search engine, dedicated to research, extraction and manipulation of data in graph and semantic databases.

French version only

French version only

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logo askelys

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